ZE series
Public light fixture high photometric performance, body with compartment for electrical equipment and cover made of cast aluminum alloy. Refractor made of tempered plain lens or crystal poly curved and reflector made of stamped anodized and sealed aluminum disc. Fixation to straight, curved post or arm fitting to Ø 60.3 mm (on request provided central support made of fire galvanized steel pipe for attachment to straight pole for mounting 1, 2, 3 and 4 petals).
Socket: Of porcelain thread E-40 with anti-vibration device.
Finishing: Electrostatic powder paint, polyester in gray Munsell N 6.5 (on request provided in other colors). IP Protection Index 66 on request.

Technical data
Ref. Lamp Measure (mm)
Sodium V. Multi Metal V. Length Width Height
ZE-280 250/ 400 W 250/ 400W 720 317 197